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~my idols~



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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~STASI FREI SEIT 1972~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Mouse User by SnowluffGimp User Stamp by DarkwizkidDA Stamp - Serious RPer 01 by tppgraphicsCharacter Abuse by StamPorMoleStamp - Character Cruelty Zone by Fullmetal-Phantom
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Charmander by CreepyJellyfishSquirtle by CreepyJellyfishX/Y Bulbasaur Cursor by mid0456
rusty the mighty and minty her horse XD by D0omy
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LIFAD: Contact me via note pwease if you wanna know
Deviantart : :iconmanifanfics::iconfr3akster:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ABOUT THE CREEP~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Type Of Friend 32 - Wrong Era by uncopyrightedvinegarType Of Friend 38-Loses Things by uncopyrightedvinegarPseudo intellectuals by lonelycrowNot Staring Stamp by Dorothy-T-Rose.:[STAMP] EAST-GERMAN LANGUAGE LEVEL [EXPERT]:. by Maniactheleader

Name: Chris "FR3AK" "Mani"
Nationality: .:[FLAG]EASTGERMAN-PRIDE:. by Maniactheleader
Language: German / English

Fave characters:
-John Kramer (saw)
-Hannibal lecter (silence of the Lambs/Hannibal 2001)
-Dr.Earnhardt (farcry 3)
-Dr.Walter Bishop (Fringe)
-September/Donald (Fringe)
-Richard Braintree (Silent hill 4 the room)

About me:
-Addiction to Flake , coffee and bad movies
-eccentric, angry and somewhat violent or possibly sadistic man
-Cannibalistic psychopath since 2012
-i turned myself into a cartoon


Yes I am by jones2000I'm a Confused Person by pjukFringe Fan Stamp by racheroseWalter Stamp by GangsterMuffin
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Happy Birthday bab <3!

Party at the new and reopened Freddy Fazbears Pizza OvO
Child doomy hurr

sorry my camera skills suck and its very early but I have no time today UvU
I hate shopping >:I!
//raging intensefies

I should buy a scanner...something i really need to upload high quality bullshit UvU

//silently wisperes into doomies ear: yo bab , gonna sent this to you via mail cause i cant take good pictures also its yurs!

Gifty for :icond0omy:
hope ye have a nice birthday <3
.:[DRAWING]HE CAN'T FOOL ME!:. by Maniactheleader
>>And then he pulled that mask down and he thought he could save him! Then i was like "Yea. Ye aint fool me with that bad disguise!" I mean what kind of idiot would believe it?Pff! He cant fool me!<<

i actually didnt wanted to submit this.
My friends said i should.
eh :shrug:

I didnt made a real canon design for the puppet yet (i only did for freddy , fredbear and chica so far xD)
...i just wanted to make him look a BIT like something that does not look like what an 16 year old idiot with a bad cold drew
Badly drawn. Dont kill me ;_;!!
Eh :shrug:
..Its bad.....

I dont even know how on earth i came up with that picture xDD
Spoopy scary skelletons xD

Mangle & The puppet (c) Five nights at Freddies 2 ; Scott Cawton
art(c) me

did i ever mentioned that i draw that crap from my head?...
now you know uvu
*reads "Only for people on the same art level like me"*
*hides under the closet forever*
~delite that later~

gah i lack on motivation so badly now.
I get in trouble with my mom quite a lot the past days.
She is angry becaue ...i have no idea why.

I am struggeling with a lot of stressfull things past weeks which cost me sleep and motivation.
I cant find any motivation to upload my art on here etc nor actually making much things.
Even if i doodle i am not submitting the most stuff on dA.

Next year i am not really able to be online i think. Maybe i even have to deactivate.
My mother said is should get a better hobby and one which is rather usefull.
She keeps complaining about my stuff. (who i am i even telling this?)
And she is tired of my attempts on doing acceptable arts , means she keeps screaming at me i would waste paper and time.
Besides of that i need to go to hospital next week for another bunch of tests and checkups.
yey...i am so thrilled....
I am not feeling well right now. Maybe i should take a break rom dA or something.....or maybe i have to kinda..close my account atleast for a while so i can focus on something.
My life is kinda beeing ass right now..
Besides of taht dA itself isnt the ...greatest experience for me right now.
Its not thrilling or making me happy.
dA isnt making my situation better at all , besides it even seems to worse it. I dont feel like sharing everything anymore because i saw so many people complaining that users do so , i dont feel like uploading because many people complained about other peoples shitty art.
And when i look at my sketches and then look at the arts of other people.....its kind of true i just...
dont even know anymore.
  • Mood: Miserable
  • Listening to: NesfateLP
  • Reading: Red Dragon
  • Watching: The Gray Garden lets play
  • Playing: Super mario bros
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Vita Cola black

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Only can do traditional art at the moment.
so eh.

(digital) CUSTOMS
Custom pony (with base) : 5 :points:CLOSED
Custom human : 10 :points:
Wolfve dog etc : 4 :points:
critters (bunny , gueneapig etc) 2 :points:

:bulletgreen:digital art:
Journal dolly : 5 :points:


:bulletgreen: Traditional drawings
sketches: 5-7 :points: ewe
Drawing Pen : 20 :points:
Full Color: 25 :points:
Coal: 30 :points:

5 :points:


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nah not that good
struggling with coughing ;v;

And you uvu?
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Ugh i still deal with horrid coughing T3T
Damn lungs i swear
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