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February 15
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.:[GUARDIAN:REF]RUSTY:. by Maniactheleader .:[GUARDIAN:REF]RUSTY:. by Maniactheleader
kevins lovely ponysona owo xD
Name : Squeaky Screws "Rusty" "Screw""Squeaks"
Age : 12 (human years)
gender: Male
home : with his mom
workplace : pupil
realations : Minty (best friend and secret crush) , Snowstorm , pineapple juice , prof. Dr. atomus (Somewhat idoly)
likes : Building things , reading , talking , explaining things to others , having a good laught , milkshakes , warm days
dislikes : water , cigarettes , Explaining to someone who isnt listening , rain , winter , dirty glasses , akward moments , sport lesson , running , squeaking braces, brushing his mane , Liers , 30%of adults , getting sick
personality : He is intelligent but a little bit conceited , He talkes a bit weired but he tells a lot of jokes and if he isnt building something he is barely serious.
He gets angry if someone tries to brush is mane because it hurts him a little bit and he feels like he would NEED help. He puts magnets on his braces sometimes with small notes before he forgets something and hes full with fantasy and energy

Rusty was born with an rare disease wich is causing bad health problems. He cant walk without braces on his legs but with them he isnt very fast or something they dont help That much but its better with them then without. He had an very nice childhood even when he was a little looner he didnt had any problems with interacting with other ponys or problems with making friends. He likes to cheer up ponys and he sometimes acts like a robot for fun. He carries around a bag full of stuff.The desease make his bones grow extremly slow and in his age of 6 they stopped growing. He needs to sleep with an oxygen mask because he has trouble with breathing specially when he is sleeping. His lung and heart function are very bad but he doesent give a Buck.

He was actuly an normal foal at his birth but soon his parents discovered how different their little boy is. with 3 years he became extremly sick and he went to the hospital and they discovered his desease. He was unable to stand or walk so he became these braces. His eyes became weak and he needet glasses. Because of the fact that he couldnt play or run around with the other fillys he discovered his talent for building things and his love to books. When he went to the elementary school He had bad problems during PE lesson. One foggy morning he stumbled over something. An old big book. Interessted and confused why someone lost such a big book without noticing he stardet to read. The title was written different than the bookes he knew "ehcsirodnap  ehcihcsig " He took the book with him and he tried to lern the different language called pandorian. And the book founde its way into his collection of favorite books and he stardet to draw maps , trying to transelate and build mashines one of them was his first selfbuild laptop. But even when he is intelligent he isnt a good pupil. Because he barely brings school materials only his laptop and some of his books , an noteblock and a pen. After a short while he realized that he is smaller than the other ponys and he needet to accept that he wont physicaly grow and he will stay in his size. The fact that he is sick and small doesent throw him out of his way. He isnt very big but he is an incredibly loudmouth and he easy gets into trouble but everytime he did he find a way out.
his parents lived in manehatten, when he was 12 his mom moved with him to ponyville while his father stayed in manehatten because of working . his family lives in a house in the same street where minty lives (its actuly in front of her house) thats how he meett inty. In school both became very close friends...
At autum rusty felt sick again and he went to hospital , he had problems with breathing and his heart didnt worked well. in winter he was released but he needet to be carefull...(sad ending wont be written qwq here...meow)


Haters gonna hate or they meet my friend -> Block Button :heart::heart::heart:

rpgs are open under my refs quq
Minty (c) :icongothzilla-alena:

base (c) :iconemii-desu::iconselenaede:
Rusty(c) me
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Skittles91k Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Student Artist
He would actually be a colt, not a filly :P Very cute btw
Maniactheleader Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you ;v;
Koikithecat Featured By Owner May 15, 2014
Dont worry squeaky, u will have a growth spirt soon
Maniactheleader Featured By Owner May 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
"R-Really? OwO"
Koikithecat Featured By Owner May 16, 2014
Sure you will :
Maniactheleader Featured By Owner May 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Koikithecat Featured By Owner May 17, 2014
Anything can happen
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